Dental surgery

Dental surgery is a field of dentistry that deals with surgery of the oral cavity and adjacent areas. At the Estetique Center, all surgical procedures are preceded by a detailed interview and a dental examination to determine the entire treatment plan. All surgical procedures are carried out by qualified medical specialists in a friendly atmosphere based on the latest 3D imaging technology, thanks to which the doctor can get a three-dimensional image of the jaw bone, mandible and all teeth and maxillary sinus.

We use local anesthesia during all procedures.


As part of the dental surgery at Centrum Estetique we perform the following treatments:

  • introduction of the implant,

  • tooth extraction,

  • extraction of the detained wisdom tooth,

  • open or closed curettage (manual removal of tartar from gingival pockets),

  • resection of root apex (removal of a fragment of the tooth's root in the case of impossibility to clean it and fill it during endodontic treatment),

  • gingivectomy (correction of the gum for further treatment),

  • undercutting the frenulum