Why us?

Below we present you the reasons why you should use our services.

Over 5 000 satisfied patients have trusted us!

  • modern tools for sterilization - the task of innovative equipment is to ensure maximum comfort. We have the latest generation sterilizer that meets the strictest hospital standards and reliably destroys all microorganisms. We have implemented a monitoring system for sterilization processes to ensure the highest patient safety.
  • modern X-ray laboratory - with the possibility of taking instant digital photos, point and panoramic ones, which irradiation dose is reduced to a safe minimum,
  • exceptional atmosphere – we make every effort to ensure that the treatments performed at Esetique Center are carried out without stress in a comfortable and patient-friendly atmosphere


We offer comprehensive treatment for you without the need for additional tests in other facilities all in one place – at the Estetique Center of Dentistry and Esthetic Medicine.