Implantology is a branch of dentistry from the borderline of surgery and dental prosthetics, which allows to fill teeth gaps with the help of modern methods. The digital technology available at the Estetique Center gives high predictability in implant planning and treatment. The use of the intraoral scanner allows for precise visualization of the teeth. It is thanks to implantology that we will forget that we have ever had a problem with missing teeth. Fulfill your dreams of a healthy and beautiful smile.

Below are the most frequently asked questions.


Do implants replace lost teeth?

The implant is a modern, durable and safe form of reconstruction of a lost tooth. It is nothing more than a titanium "screw" with a precise shape, which inserted into the bone replaces a lost root of a tooth, becoming at the same time a foundation for crowns and bridges. Implants can also be used to better stabilize mobile dental prostheses.



Are implants for anybody?

It depends on the quality and quantity of the jaw and mandible bone. At the Estetique Center at the stage of treatment planning, the patient is referred to appropriate research, including to computed tomography to check bone conditions in relation to implant surgery. If there is not enough healthy bone, introduction of the implant will be combined with bone regeneration procedure.



Is the implantation procedure uncomfortable?

Introduction of an implant is often a less advanced procedure than tooth extraction, which is why it is performed under local anesthesia. In addition, before the surgery, the patient is protected with an antibiotic cover to minimize discomfort after the procedure.



How long does implant treatment last?

Reconstruction of the tooth crown occurs at least 12 weeks after the implantation date. During implantation, it is possible to use the so-called temporary crowns.



Are implants visible?

Before the crown is made in a dental laboratory, the color is selected individually to match the patient's tooth shade. Thus, it is not possible for the implant to be visible.



Are implants safe?

Implants are completely safe. We only implant premium class implants that increase positive treatment effects up to 98%. They are the equivalent of our natural teeth and will stay with us as long as we care for them, which is why we recommend regular check-ups at the Estetique Center.



Can any dentist perform the implant procedure?

Implantology is a separate area of dentistry, so it is important that the physician performing the surgery has appropriate qualifications and experience in this area.