Esthetic medicine

Esthetic medicine is a branch of medicine, which main goal is to improve the quality of human life through preventive and reconstructive actions that both prevent and eliminate skin aging and the occurrence of imperfections. The aim of esthetic medicine treatments is also to improve the condition of the skin, smooth out wrinkles, align the skin tone, firm it and moisturize using non-invasive and non-surgical methods that are completely safe, which help maintain a healthy, fresh and youthful face as long as possible. In our Estetique Center we offer you a wide range of modern treatments in the field of esthetic medicine, which not only improve the condition of the skin, shape the face or eliminate wrinkles, but also significantly improve the well-being of women and men. Treatments offered by esthetic medicine are charcaterised by very small invasiveness. They are performed on an outpatient basis, without general anesthesia and last no longer than a few dozen minutes. Treatments of esthetic medicine are carried out without the use of a scalpel. If they violate the continuity of the skin, it is only through a puncture or small incision. This is the fundamental difference between esthetic medicine and invasive plastic surgery. For optimal effect, as well as safety and comfort of the patient, every treatment performed at the Estetique Center is preceded by an interview and an individual medical consultation, which is aimed at determining the existence or absence of contraindications. All treatments in the field of esthetic medicine are made preserving all respective standards, and they are performed with the use of highest class preparations, as evidenced by a wide group of satisfied Patients.

Treatments in the field of esthetic medicine performed at the Estetique Center include:

  • filling of wrinkles,
  • skin smoothing treatments - mesotherapy,
  • regenerating treatments with the use of platelet-rich plasma,
  • lips enlargement,
  • nourishing and firming the skin,
  • surgical removal of skin lesions,  
  • hyperhidrosis treatment,
  • treatment of hair loss