About us

Estetique Center of Dentistry and Esthetic Medicine offers its patients an individual approach to each dental treatment. Carefully selected staff and professional equipment of the highest quality allows providing specialized dental procedures at the highest world level. We offer comprehensive treatment of severe surgical, orthodontic, prosthetic and endodontic cases. We specialize in improving the aesthetics of a smile using, among other things, crowns and all-ceramic veneers. We have the highest quality materials and systems that enable lightening of tooth enamel in a completely safe and effective way.

In addition, we perform esthetic medicine treatments. The most popular, enjoying great interest include injection of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin. It is also worth noting that we perform surgical procedures to remove skin marks, which are often used by people after severe illnesses, thus wanting to regain their self-confidence. That is why esthetic medicine is something more than a filled mouth or skin deprived of wrinkles.

Our priority is to provide patients with comfort and services at the highest level, thanks to the use of the most modern equipment and the broadening the knowledge through participation in numerous trainings.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of services provided at the Estetique Center of Dentistry and Esthetic Medicine.

And if you are interested in our services, call and make an appointment during which we will prepare a comprehensive treatment plan for you.