Orthodontics is a department of dentistry, which includes treatment of malocclusion and maxillofacial defects. Malocclusion is not only an esthetic problem, but also in many cases the cause of caries development and periodontal disease. In addition, incorrect teeth placement or inappropriate development of the jaws may cause pronunciation defects, temporomandibular joint dysfunction or gastrointestinal disease.

Orthodontic treatment does not have an upper age limit and can be started at any age. However, for the first check-up at the orthodontic office, it is worth taking it at the age of 5-6, and in some cases, earlier if needed. The specialist physician can already assess whether there is a correct development of the occlusion and possibly suggest optimal treatment methods.

Orthodontic treatment is not only a beautiful, healthy and simple smile but also the improvement of facial appearance, easier tooth cleaning and improving the quality of chewing.