Prosthodontics is the most developing field in the field of esthetic dentistry. In recent years, innovative technologies have been introduced to achieve a high functional, but also esthetic effect. It is due to this that such prosthetic restorations as veneers, crowns, bridges or dentures look like natural teeth.

Due to this technology, prosthetic works created in the Estetique Center are made of the highest quality materials that are characterized by durability and esthetics. To meet the expectations of the patient, each crown is designed individually – starting with the shape and ending with the color.

Modern prosthetics not only allows for the restoration of dental deficiencies, but also to achieve very high aesthetic effects similar to natural dentition. Thanks to this, it is possible to significantly increase the quality of life, and due to a huge progress of CAD / CAM technology, the duration of the entire treatment has been reduced to a minimum and there is no error in it, which certainly gives the patient a sense of comfort.

We recommend scanning the dental arches with the CS3600 intra-oral scanner because the files obtained in this way become invaluable documentation in the event of loss of natural teeth and the intention to obtain their perfect reproduction through prosthetic treatment.