Children's dentistry

Do you think that the first visit of a child at the dentist is difficult ?! Is that how it is supposed to be? Nothing more wrong! The child does not have to be afraid of the dentist!

At Estetique Center, the best children's dentists will take care of painless and stress-free treatment of your child's teeth. Thanks to thoughtful care and professional approach to every little patient, we ensure that your child will be happy to come back for future visits, and daily oral hygiene will become an obvious activity.


Dear Parent!

Remember that treatment of milk teeth is just as important as treatment of permanent teeth. Decay from milk teeth is transmitted to permanent teeth, which, although they are invisible, are already in the bone and have direct contact with milk teeth.

The wide range of treatments offered to children includes sealing, cauterization with silver nitrate, fluoridation, and colorful fillings with Twinky Star.

In addition, for the sake of a friendly atmosphere we have prizes for all brave patient